9 June 2008

I just realized the Fantasia page doesn’t have a section for updates. I think this solves that problem. ^_^ Welcome to La Vie en Rose, the updates portion of the Fantasia of the Rose project.

The Rose Signet

Today, after weeks of procrastination, I finally started work on my wigs for Anime Mid-Atlantic. Because I commissioned the Ohtori uniform, I thought I should at last abandon the Luxury hair-do and go ahead and pin my wig up in that signature bun. Well, the first problem was figuring out how to do so. I searched all over the Internet for other Anthy cosplayers to see how they addressed the issue. Unfortunately, it seemed the task was a bit much for others too. I was down to the choice of extreme wig styling (butchering), excessive curling or something completely different. Thank goodness for something completely different! Yes, even though I’ve been cosplaying for four years now, there are a few things I have yet to learn. Wig styling is one of them. After the disaster that was my OVA Kenshin wig (which actually wasn’t so bad), I was determined to get Anthy’s “Little Debby snack cake” right. I found mesh bun forms at a store that snapped close. One wasn’t big enough to go around my head but two worked perfectly. After an hour of experimenting and trying desperately to tame the jungle that WAS my Anthy wig, I got the basic steps down.

1. BUSH OUT THE WIG. Even though it looks awesome as it was, a fizzy bun is not very becoming.

2. PART WIG DOWN THE CENTER. I started near the end of the wig lining and went straight down with a rattail comb. Clipping either the middle of each part or the end of each part makes the next step easier.

3. USE ONE FORM TO ROLL UP THE FIRST PART. At first, I had both forms already snapped together but dealing with such a long thing proved difficult, even with the hair parted. When rolling the part, start at the bottom of the wig and wrap up once. Then, spread the hair as evenly as possible along the form (a little more hair should be at the end that will face out.) If you have someone there with you, get them to hold your twinkie hair roll or go ahead and pin it.

4. See step 3. LOL

5. SNAP TWO FORMS TOGETHER. This is the critical step, lol. Hairpins might need to be adjusted but once snapped together, pin that roll! Even though its not standard, all the pins surrounding the roll looked quite cute. Perhaps in the future for one of the more elaborate Anthy costumes –like the French Aristocrat dress– I’ll use pins with little rhinestones in them so they can sparkle.

6. CHECK THE ENDS. You might need to swirl some hair around the ends. On my forms, there are little snaps there but luckily, I rolled the hair correctly so that I only had to shift a few strands over to hide them. Once you’ve double checked everything, stand back and rejoice. Now you have a cool looking Anthy TV wig!

I did all that, only to realize my current wig was just too dead to use anymore. As much as I tried to save it, it’s long life (since 2005!) was a good one. Rest in peace first Anthy wig. *moment of silence.* Now I have a new wig, but I don’t think I’ll use it as the TV roll style. It’s a shade darker than the original wig which is just right for the TV hair but I don’t want to mess it up. I’ll wear it in the Luxury style for a while then roll it; that’ll give me time purchase yet another one! +^o^+


10 June 2008

Well, stage two of the fantasia is just about set. I received my costumes today. They are wonderful! SetsunaKou does it again ^___^. So with their arrival, AMA is set. Friday I’ll be The Rose Bride Red Gown; Saturday is the debut of the movie version rose bride and Sunday will be the debut of movie version Anthy Himemiya! YAY! I’ll update the main page as soon as I get back from VA!


1 August 2008

I updated the main page with an image of my Adolescence of Utena Rose Bride costume. YAY!


2 October 2008

The main page has been updated again with a picture of me as Anthy from the Adolescence of Utena and added information to some of the costumes.