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Disclaimer: most pictures from Empty Movement Visit them if you want high quality Utena images ^^

It started as a dream in the winter of 2005. I’ve always been a big fan of Revolutionary Girl Utena. The year 2005 was a big year for me, as far as cosplay was concerned. It was the first time I cosplayed InuYasha and Kenshin. By winter of that year, obsession had gotten the better of me and I comissioned two costumes that would forever change my life. The first one launched me into my very first masquerade competition while the second… well… just read the title of this page, LOL.

I call it, FANTASIA OF THE ROSE, one of the greatest cosplay projects I’ve ever taken on. My mission, which I have chosen to accept, is to cosplay ALMOST EVERY SINGLE VERSION of Anthy Himemiya/the Rose Bride known to exist. Let me repeat again, ALMOST EVERY SINGLE VERSION. All the versions from the Anime; all the version from the Movie; all the versions from the manga and then some! This project is intended to last me the rest of my cosplay career. Yeah, in between I’ll toss out a few other costumes like Yoruichi from Bleach, Black Rose from .hack and Gloria from Devil May Cry 4 plus the other costumes I already own, but I have dedicated my cosplaying life to being the Rose Bride.

This cosplay project also has a little many mission to accompany it: OPERATION MARK OF THE ROSE. I, as a dutiful Rose Bride, hand out roses to cosplayers at conventions and of course all Utena cosplayers get a rose too (of course they get the rose color to match their character). Move over Aeris, I’m the flower girl now XD

This page is dedicated to this awesome project which is moving to Phase II this summer!

All of this would not be possible without the wonderful creativity and mad sewing skills of SetsunaKou. Please visit her cosplay site to see her wonderful talents and consider her for your next cosplay comission.


Note: From my research, I have concluded that there are 30 different versions of the Rose Bride. Of those 30 variations, I plan to cosplay 26 of them. Unfortunately, cannot cosplay two versions from the manga because the pictures are in black & white and I have no idea what the colors are intended to be. Those versions are the 1) “male” school uniform worn by Anthy at the end of the regular Utena manga series, and the 2) outfit she wore at the planetarium at the end of the movie Utena manga.

There is one outfit from one of the anime artbooks I chose not to do because of a lack of evidence of what it is. It’s a winter sweater but that’s all the picture shows. Finally, there is one more swimsuit from the anime… the green bikini. Err… maybe I’ll do that one, maybe I won’t; I don’t know. It’s not the most flattering bikini in the world…. -_-;



The Rose Bride (Luxury Illustrations Version)

Luxury Illustrations Version (gallery)

Debut: August 2006
Retired: February 2008
[new] Notables: featured in the 2007 Anime Dating Game @ AnimeUSA; came out of retirement in June 2008; featured in the 2008 Anime Dating Game @ T-Mode; entered into the Hall Costume Contest (unwillingly) @ T-Mode ’08
Awards: 2nd place in Anime Mid-Atlantic’s Look-a-like/Fan Favorite Hall Costume Contest
The Rose Bride ~ Adolescence of Utena Version
Debut: June 2008
[new] Notables: worn during the karaoke contest at T-Mode in which I sung 3 Utena songs.
[new] Anthy Himemiya ~ Adolescene of Utena Version
Debut: June 2008
[new] Notables: photoshopped the location X3

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