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Ah, progress is good. There are only what, 16 to 17 days before Otakon? Phew. I’m excited to be returning but wow, I haven’t felt that rush of “omg omg omg! the wig isn’t done. I need to do these shoes over again. is my prop okay? do I have all my make-up. hairpins! i need hairpins!” for a long time. Taking a break off from serious conventioning last year really threw me for a loop. I must get back into the swing of things and I’m making my comeback in a big way.

Once again for Ota, I’ll be cosplaying as Anthy from Shoujo Kakumei Utena/Revolutionary Girl Utena. This year, I’m doing the TV versions of the Rose Bride and Anthy and the movie version of the Rose Bride. I’ve never done the TV versions before so I’m really excited. Also, to make this extra special, I now have a pair of beautiful green contacts (that I just practiced with). I’ve never worn contacts before so it was a little scary but the end result was entrancing. I couldn’t stop looking at my own eyes! LOL. Who know that a different eye color could make such a big change. Once I get used to putting them in (taking them out was a breeze), I’ll definitely be in the market to getting some more… namely lavender, amber, red, and mako green (i.e. Kadaj’s eye color). But for now, I’m very satisfied with my product!!! They’ll also come in handy once Mamiya arrives later this year. ^_^

Besides Otakon at the end of the month, this Saturday, I’m heading over to the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. to see the Star Wars in Concert show. According to my dear friend Sam, yesterday (7.13) was “Express Your Geekness Day”. I totally missed it so I’m expressing it now. GO STAR WARS GO! ^.^ I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve always wanted to go to a concert like this, especially after listening to the Evangelion Live Concert of 2001. It sounded like it was a once in a life time thing and the pictures in the insert reinforced that feeling. Yet another thing on my bucket list that will soon be crossed off. I need to think of more things to put on that list… I’m not ready to die yet but in the past few years, I’ve accomplished so much! Waaaaaah! @_@

Mata ne!

ZE BUCKET LIST (in no particular order)

1. Go to Japan (Thank you Towson University and Kansai Gaidai University!)

2. Finish writing one of my longer stories

3. See D live in Concert (they were all so pretty in real person *_*)

4. Perform in a Masquerade (thanks Mario!)

5. Meet Kanno Yoko and get her autograph

6. See X-Japan in concert

7. See Gackt in concert

8. See Hyde in concert (Saw him twice ^^ Thanx Otakon and Sam-chan!)

9. See Miyavi in concert (Thank you Sabu-chan!)

10. See Nightmare

11. See Versailles in concert (Thank you AnimeUSA!)

12. Visit Canada, South Korea and New Zealand (in that order, during the same trip)

13. Do a river cruise with Burt Wolf in Europe or traverse Europe on the Oriental Express

14. Do an anime convention tour around the US in a bus (like what John Madden has)

15. See Tohoshinki/Dong Bang Shin Ki/TVXQ in concert

16. Try Puffer Fish and live

17. To win a substantial monetary prize from the lottery or Publisher’s Clearing House | MODIFIED: Win ANY monetary prize from the lottery or Publisher’s Clearing House

18. Be an extra in a Hollywood movie regardless if its a box office hit or it stinks

19. Wear contacts with my Anthy cosplay



Anime Mid-Atlantic is in another 72 hours! I’m almost ready. My costumes arrived safe and sound this afternoon and they both are extremely wonderful. All that is left is for me to do is finish my wigs and shoes and pack! ^_^ I’m still not excited about this con as I would be say if it were Katsucon or Otakon, but I’m looking forward to just getting away for a while and hanging out with some new friends (and the two other Utena cosplayers that will be there, lol)

Anime Mid-Atlantic

… still have no idea why I am going this year. I’m slightly pissed now because Otakon announced that JAM Project is their musical guest. T.T So why did I original want to go to Anime Mid-Atlantic? The original reason was because it was going to be a heck of a lot closer, Arlington, VA. However, it got kicked out of the hotel and moved to Virgina Beach. So, my next reason was that I’ve never been to Virginia Beach so I might as well go. Such a weak excuse. >< The con isn’t appealing to me right now, other than they announced on cosplay.com they are trying out an alternative hall costume contest for those of us who are sewing-machine-challenged. Other than that, I decided against doing karaoke at this con and I generally have the same feeling of dread I had about Katsucon… and Katsucon was nearly a disaster. Not completely… but very close to being one; the second worse con experience ever only topped by Otakon 2005 for the simple fact that I barely remember Otakon 2005. Weird.

So, I’m going to Anime Mid-Atlantic because I need a summer con that is slightly less-expensive than Otakon (though, I’m still trying to sneak that in somehow because I really wanna see JAM Project), I wanna go to the beach and… well… that’s it for now. I have to wait until September to catch up with Johnny Yong Bosch again (unless I put money down for that new Bleach card game with the special voice actor signatures on them… unless they are Japanese voice actor signatures… any voice actor signature is a star in my book =^_^=) and my main con for this year besides disaster-con in February will be the awesome AnimeUSA on Columbus Day weekend! YAY!!! I can’t wait until October.

The good thing about Anime Mid-Atlantic is that if it is anything like last year, the Utena cosplayers will have free reign over the con. Plus, it seems the Ghost in the Shell cosplayers are emerging this year and some other cosplays from anime/games I haven’t heard off. I personally am now on a Code Geass kick now… of course I’ll be watching the Bleach cosplayers, looking for Trinity Blood & Vampire Knight cosplayers and finally all us Utena people out there (w00t for Utena!). So I’ll be parading around in my various incarnations of Anthy handing out roses and I guess taking pictures for once. Don’t ask, I have mixed feelings about Anime Mid-Atlantic. It will either be okay or it won’t be okay. It doesn’t matter, I still have AnimeUSA to look forward too.

BTW, my two Anthy wigs and one Inuyasha/Yazoo wig came in the mail last week. They are all very awesome!!!!!


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