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CR Top Animes of Summer 2008


I promised I’d begin posting all my favorites of this summer so I’ll begin with my favorite anime series. Then I’ll probably follow up with favorite manga, video games, movies (anime and real), music, musicians etc. Should be fun! So, hajimaru!


  1. Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo
  2. Vampire Knight
  3. Junjou Romantica
  4. Bleach
  5. Code Geass
  6. Death Note
  7. Mirage of Blaze
  8. InuYasha
  9. Gravion
  10. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Ta-da! The Count of Monte Cristo tops the list this year as the unexpected BEST SHOW EVER anime of the summer. I first saw The Count at Otakon 2005 and was instantly captivated by its elaborate artwork. However, because I only saw one episode at that time, I had no idea what was going on. Since then, I had tried my hardest to purchase it but alas, other anime series beckoned. Every time I went to Suncoast, I always allowed my hand to linger in front of the boxset but I never brought it. Finally, in June at Anime Mid-Atlantic, I broke down and chose The Count over the second half of the Fushigi Yuugi Series. At first, I thought I had made a mistake but it turned out I didn’t. The art, the story, the voices in both English and Japanese… everything was worth it. I finally got to see it, I finally got rid of that terrible longing in my chest for it and I kept my V for Vendetta fandom alive a little longer (not that it was dying. It’s just that shortly after I got Gankutsuou, HBO started showing V again everyday at lunch time)

So here’s to Gankutsuou, Junjou, Vampire Knight, Bleach and Code Geass; my top 5 animes of the summer!


Well, I know its Thursday already but I should go ahead and mention the updates for this week and what is coming up for next week.


Finals!!! *dies* That is why I’m a week behind in posting stuff. Luckily, next week is the true finals week. After next Thursday, I’ll be free until September 1st! 0_0 Oh la la.

Site Updates

I changed the image again. Now it’s Hiroki and Tsunehito from D! There is a new page (perhaps section is more like it) dedicated to my Utena cosplays. I plan on making a general cosplay page for all my other costumes too.

Topics of Discussion for the next two weeks

  • Utena the Movie + Saionji x Anthy, why I don’t hate that green-haired bastard XD
  • Review of Junjou Romantica (thus far) and Vampire Knight
  • Review of D’s new Single “Birth”
  • Studio Infinity Sound Stage: Nightmare vs. Uverworld
  • Cosplay Updates
  • Anime Mid-Atlantic


*Happy Birthday to the following characters & beloved mode of transportation:

– Takaba Akihito from Viewfinder (May 5)

– Naoe Nobutsuna/Tachibana Yoshiyuki? from Mirage of Blaze (May 3)

– The Red Comet, a 2002 Ford Escape that a) is red b) was named for the legendary Zeon pilot (May 9)

*Yes, I celebrate a lot of birthdays: characters, celebs, friends, family, inanimate objects XD