It is a curious thing on the campus of Towson University when the sun is high and the sky, there is time in between classes (or no classes at all) and the warmth of spring surrounds us all. Although I’m shut up inside do work I should have done long ago, I’m happily looking out the window of my dorm room. There’s a big field right outside the window and it is bustling with activity this afternoon.

A lot of girls are out sunbathing in bikinis. A girl, a guy (I assume it was her boyfriend) and their dog were running around earlier. The dog was really cute; he liked chancing balls and wanted to play volleyball with another group of girl who are now having lunch as I type. A few people are out with their laptops, typing with one hand while applying sunscreen with the other. There are two other groups out right now, one group is playing Frisbee (a very popular pasttime on campus) while the other group is made of boy doing something with a bunch of small, multicolored balls. @_@ It’s like they’re playing croquet without the hoops or mallets. Just now, a group of three girls have sat down in the sun to enjoy lunch from the dining hall around the corner from my dorm.

I can only imagine that the beach between the main academic halls is full of sunbathers too. That is how you know it is a nice day… the college students come out in droves. As for me… I’ll enjoy this nice spring weather tomorrow. Today, I must read and type, read and type, read or die and type or die. Luckily, I now have motivation to complete my paper and a 5 hour long playlist of my favorite songs to work by. I might open the window but there are lots of bees and wasps flying around because the willow trees in front of the dorm are in full bloom.

All hail the glory of spring!!! How long will this beautiful weather last? Who can say but… はれるや! LOL.

(note: はれるや is a play on words for hareru means to be sunny ^_^)


Listening to: EDEN by D

Eating: Sour Cream and Onion potato chips

Drinking: Water

Reading: Research material x_x