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One Year Birthday

I just realized today, seven days late, that this blog has been around for one whole year now!!!

YAY! Happy Belated Birthday Cloudy Revelations!!!! Here’s to another 12 months of otaku fun!


Life as of 7-27-08

Well, nothing new to report unfortunately. I finally got in contact with one of my friends whom I haven’t spoken to since April. She’s doing fine and enjoying life. As for me, well… in the words of Gankutsuou, I’m “biding my time and holding out hope.” LOL. I’m really glad everyone is enjoying their summer and making the most of life which is kind of hard to do right now given the economic troubles and other worldly dilemmas.

For some reason however, I feel as though I’ve caged myself in unknowingly. I’ve been having this feeling on and off since my senior year in high school; it’s nothing major. It just feels like something is missing. I’m living the life I want to live but something just isn’t there, something I had earlier in life say 2002-2006 that has now vanished. Everyone else seems to have reinvented themselves (some have done it more than twice ^^) but I have remained the way I always have been since I was little. I look a little older but I still act the same way. I don’t know. These are the types of thoughts older, wise more mature people have right? I’m just a twenty-something college student trying to take a step forward in life and travel half way across the world in the name of obsession and security. I really need to grow a backbone and just do what I have do. There’s no use in hesitating, thinking pessimistically or fretting over the possible outcomes. Just do it! XD That’s the name of one of my favorite Sailor Moon songs, Don’t just dream! Go for it! Yep.

So that’s all I have to report for now. Hopefully I’ll get out of this slump I am and get back to living. Just bide your time and hold out hope…