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What I am about to type is absolutely true. No names have been changed; no one is innocent. XD

It started shortly after we moved back on campus in January 2009. After one lovely semester in a new dorm building on Towson Univeristy’s campus, we were looking forward to planning trips abroad and ultimately, looking for new residences for next semester. Things were going fine until one particularly cold day when I turned up the heat in our room. That is when it started. A mouse, yes that’s right, a M.O.U.S.E. (don’t you dare sing that club song…) appeared in our precious dorm space. At first, I was the only one to see it. My roommate Christa was freaked out but because she hadn’t seen it, she soon dismissed the fact. A week or so passed with no sighting of the mouse who we nicknamed Templeton.

Then, one weekend alone… late at night when I was chasing nats around the room and defending my bedspace from a  multi-legged creepy crawler, I caught another glimpse at Templeton. That was the last straw. I put in a maintainence request and the next day, they came to investigate. Having dealt with the problem before, they laid out a few glue traps in the areas I had seen him in, under the fridge.

It has been about a week or so since the maintaince guys came. We were starting to think that Templeton had once again left us until last night. That is when my roommate Christa saw him for the first time; matter of fact, she saw him twice. We both went to bed on guard but this morning, we saw no sign of him. The day passed like normal up until about an hour ago. That is when Templeton the Bold decided to come out while all the lights were on. He then started scampering around the room lightening quick. He has avoided all three traps that are the room. After he took refuge under my bed, I declared war on the little guy and went after him with 409. Needless to say, they didn’t quite work out and while I was searching for him, my roommate squealed that he had ran right under my feet. That was the last straw. It is now 2:48AM, the very early morning of February 25, the morning of my 20th birthday, and instead of being in a nice warm bed dreaming about Dante from Devil May Cry… I am sitting in the open lounge on the third floor of our building with my roommate. Bluntly, Templeton has scared the shit out of us. You know, if he didn’t move so fast, this wouldn’t be such a problem but he’s like Speedy Gonzalas (sp?).

Yo Disney!!! I’m calling you. I want you to take your rodent back!!!!

The curious case of Templeton and the Roommates continues into the wee hours of the morning….


School is in Session

Yep, school has started back up and what I thought was going to be a pretty quiet semester will be anything but. Two 10 page papers, two presentations, a two page essay and a 25-page paper. YAY. -____-

Besides workload, things are okay. I’ve had some surprisingly good food, I’ve made more international friends, and we have a mouse in our dorm room. For the moment, my roommate and I are deciding between the name Templeton and Chu-Chu. We’re going to try to catch and release him because we don’t want him in our room. However, we felt that despite his odd presence, he deserved a name. ^_^

There’s not too much else to report other than I won’t be going to Katsucon this year which may mean no cons at all (if everything works out… maybe). Yet, I can’t wait until Sakura Matsuri time!!!! I have a feeling this year will be just as great or even better as last year!

This is a trend that I am NOT liking one little bit. I was just checking up on my e-mail and read something disturbing. Cowboy Bebop is about to become the next victim of Hollywood’s anime to live-action attempts. WHY?! It does not make me feel good that FOX is doing it, or that Watanabe and Nobumoto are associate producers or that Keanu Reeves is slated to play Spike Spiegel. None of that makes me feel good at all.

I’m totally miffed and vexed by  this trend of American companies making live-action movies out of everything. This is getting really ridiculous. I always thought of anime as an art form as such a form  that told and presented a story in  a way that it can’t really be reproduced physically; it can only be animated.. meticulous drawn out and painted, cel by cel. Obviously, Hollywood thinks differently and it is trying to cash-in on the popularity anime is enjoying over here in the States. I am really starting to miss the days when anime was an underground, cult phenom that everyone else [those who weren’t into it] wasn’t interested in and wanted to have no part in. But not anymore. You know, I probably wouldn’t be so upset if Hollywood could get it right. We all saw how Speed Racer turned out… and Godzilla… and that certain Dead or Alive movie attempt…

I guess I’ll just have to get used to the fact that this is the current trend in Hollywood. They ran out of fresh ideas long ago; now they are running out of remakes so they have turned to anime and video games. Is there no originality anymore?

And before I get bashed, let me just mention that I am fully aware that in Japan, anime gets adapted into live-action movies and even musicals too. However, the Japanese have a greater understanding and appreciation of where that movie or musical is coming from and they put a lot of hard work and effort to reproduce the emotions and characters associated with a particular piece into that new live-action form. I have yet to see Hollywood pull it off. I’m also aware that here in the states, books and musicals get adapted into movies too. So long as the adaptation is true to the spirit, meaning and over all story of the original book and musical, it is fine. It is just interesting how things from overseas usually get lost in translation; I suppose that can’t be avoided.

We’ll just have to wait and see now with Dragonball Z coming out, the American version of DeathNote, now Cowboy Bebop, and possibly Castlevania and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Cowboy Bebop information found here .


I’d like to know what everyone else thinks of this trend Hollywood is taking in producing live-action movies of some of the otaku world’s most beloved animes and video games. I suppose there are some who are excited about this trend, some who are scared, some who are outright angered and other who don’t care. What is your opinion?

Happy New Year

With a little more than two hours left until 2009 arrives, I just want to take this time to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!!!

2008 was full of ups and downs, good times, bad times and for me personally, some really ugly times. I have learned a lot this year and I have a lot of great memories too. I’ve made new friends, I saw Versailles in concert, finished another semester in school and grew from the ugly times in the year. Hopefully next year will be just as exciting and not as distressing as this year. Hopefully the world will get its act together and we can progress forward positively. Let’s all make the very most of 2009 and have lots of fun. Here’s hoping that this blog will continue to grow and that you will keep reading it. Have a very safe and happy New Year!


~ Cloudy Star

… If you’ve ever seen the Utena movie, then you know what I’m talking about.

I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED ALL MY CLASSES!!! W00t! But the hardest part remains. Finals begin this week and although I don’t have one tomorrow (Tuesday) I have one a day until next Tuesday. Wednesday is Philosophy; Thursday is Japanese; Friday is Geology and Monday is History. After that, six beautiful weeks of FREEEEEDOM!

It has been a very interesting school year full of ups and more recently downs. Hopefully, it will end on a high note. *crosses fingers*

To anyone else still taking finals as well, ganbette kudasai!

Let it Snow

I’m new to WordPress but I just found something that makes me love this blog more than any of the other’s I have. WordPress has snow. How cool is that? ^___^

Now [at least until Jan. 4], I won’t have to be upset if it isn’t snowing for real outside. I can just come visit my blog. Thank you so much WordPress.

It’s Almost Time…

The school year is almost over. All I have to do is survive tomorrow and I will be free. I mean, yes, finals are still next week but classes will be over at last. W00t!

You Know that Place…

You know that place between two weeks left of class, finals coming, two papers to write and no job for the Winter Break…?


Procrastination is a bitch.

Slow Updates

Hey everyone!

I guess you have noticed that posts have been trickling in (if at all). It has gotten to be that time of year in school where mid-terms, papers and classwork suddenly (and randomly) piles up. Yep, swamped again! Updates will probably remain slow until the end of the semester. Regular updataes should resume the week of finals. Of course, I have a crapload of stuff to post during Thanksgiving break. Two con reports, seasonal TV watching (anime still isn’t dead yet), costume updates and even some music reviews! 0_0 Hopefully, all that will be posted the week after next. Until then, bare with me. Also… at some point I’m going to change the layout of this blog yet again. I really don’t like this layout, lol.

On a final note, there is a new link in the FANDOM section of my links. Empty Movement, the best Revolutionary Girl Utena website on the net. Check it out! Check it out! Check it out!

Happy Halloween!

Minna-san! Happy Halloween!!!! :3

Things here on campus have gotten super busy with mid-terms and all (notice the lack of updates) but I would have felt really horrible to have not mentioned the fact today is Halloween. Ironically, tomorrow, my campus is having their first anime convention. I’ll be judging the hall costume contest. ^_^ Hopefully all will turn out well; this con has had a lot of set backs, delays etc. It’s partially because the campus activities board is leery of us otaku and the fact that a few off campus people will be joining in our fun, but there is a lack of communication among the staff members and the guy running our anime club is a ditz (so I’ve heard).

Anyone, be safe tonight as you party and go trick-or-treating and enjoy the day!!!! ❤