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Cloudy Revelations Revival

TADAIMA Minna-san!!!!


Anthy Himemiya (Utena TV)

Oi, it’s been over a year since I last posted. Honma ni, gomen nasai! As you know, last year I was finally able to go to Japan. I stayed for four months and had an absolute blast. I came back home just before Christmas, and just in time to witness the awesome fury of Winter 2010 when the East Coast got rocked by not 1 but 2 huge blizzards. It was beautiful. I learned a lot in Japan, brought a lot of stuff, watched some anime and even got to see one of my favorite rock bands, D, in concert in Osaka.

I’ve been home for about six months and now I think I’m ready to start this blog back up again. I’ve been playing around with some ideas to change it. I may had random posts commenting on daily life and politico stuffs but mostly, I’ll still be sticking to otaku related stuff including concert reviews, cosplay updates, con reports, and what not.

So, to just list a few things which I may elaborate on later…

  • Miyavi Concert in Washington D.C. on June 29 was fucking amazing. (I apologize for cursing but that’s the only English word I can use to describe the magnitude of that concert). Thank you Miyavi for visiting us and I hope we showed you how much we’ve been waiting for that. Please come see us again soon because we are effing ready to rock again and again and again!
  • After a four year hiatus, I’m headed back to Otakon at the end of the month. I won’t have any additional costumes ready for Otakon but I’m happy to be going back. It’s a little like dejavu. Last time I was there, Yoshiki was there. I’m returning, and so is Yoshiki and he’s bring Sugizo with him!!! I already know, this is going to a repeat of the L’Arc~en~Ciel LINE OF DOOM as everyone tries to get into the 1st Mariner Arena. I feel for the first time participants in the masquerade having to perform in front of all those people! ^^;
  • I’ve pre-registered for AUSA. Their headliner is 12012. FINALLY, the east coast is getting some loving from  Japanese bands. Thank you so much in advance!
  • The Fantasia of the Rose has a new addition but I’ll update that in the proper section.
  • The D concert in Japan, apart of the Tightrope Tour, was freaking amazing. As an uber D fan, I was very satified.
  • Speaking of the D concert, I’ll have to import my posts from LJ here so everyone can read them.

Okay, I think that’s it for now. I will apologize in advance. After studying Japanese for so long and living in Japan, Japanese is naturally thrown into all my sentences. Now, I speak Kansai-ben so its even worse. On top of that, I can only count in German now (since I took it last semester) and since I’ll be taking Russian this semester (finally), it’ll probably screw up my speech any more. Come on technology, spell check for me because I don’t know what I’m saying anymore!!!! LOL

Great to be back! Let the Cloudy Revelations continue in the new decade! 宜しくお願いします!


I just found out from a friend that due to a legal issue in the U.S., Versailles was forced to change their name. They entreated their fans for help and got many wonderful and creative responses. The name the band settled on is Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet-. Not only have they changed their name, they have also released a new single, “PRINCE“. There new single can be downloaded for FREE at this website: The free download is apart of a special promotion for the band under their new name and way for the band to thank all their fans. More information about this change can be found at my friend’s website here:

I have already downloaded the new single. It’s really beautiful. Kamijo’s voice just keeps getting better. I noticed the change in his way of singing when he first created Versailles and after their first album “NOBLE” I was really impressed. The band continues to thrill me with this single “PRINCE“. I have to listen to the lyrics more closely when I’m not in the middle of preparing for class! XD However, as I said before, it is a really beautiful song. It isn’t as driving as Aristocratic Symphony. As I sit here and listen to it now, I’m thinking of an aristocratic –if now conflicted young noble– riding his horse though the forest while it’s snowing. Definitely a winter time song in my eyes; I’ve already added it to my playlist. ^^ The melody and tempo are nice with awesome guitar work as always. Go download it and enjoy!

Alright, I’ve really had to think about this one. Next up on my wrap-up of this summer, I’ll be listing the top (hopefully) ten musicians I’ve been listening to this summer. Some are new, some are old and others are just there lol.


  1. Versailles
  2. D
  3. UVERworld
  4. Dong Bang Shin Ki (or Tohoshinki, TVXQ etc. however you know them as ^^)
  5. Miyavi
  6. L’Arc~en~Ciel
  8. -TIE- Namie Amuro & Hitomi Shimatani
  9. Jyongri
  10. Nightmare

Wow. That was such a hard list to compile. But after going through my computer and seeing what songs had the most playing time…. that’s what I came up with. This summer has really been about Versailles, my personal dilemma between Nightmare and UVERworld, D and L’Arc~en~ciel. I think it would be fair to mention that another person in my house has been going through her X-Japan stage and we have listened to a lot of their songs too.

Versailles has been great with their singles and two albums. NOBLE wasn’t quite what I was expecting but it is still a good listen. UVERworld is one of the new artists I’ve tried out this summer. I’m absolutely in love with their music and I’m sorry for ignoring them for so long. Nightmare is also another artist I’ve been trying out and for a while, I was having a hard time choosing between them and UVERworld. That’s been cleared up.

Every summer L’Arc~en~Ciel ends up on the list just because of their SMILE album. It just has a way of sneaking into the car, in the stereo, on the computer and my Zune XD. I’ve also been running their KISS album and DRINK IT DOWN single into the ground. I’ve been hooked on Miyavi since March and have at last caught up on his newer releases. I still have to go back and listen to some of his older stuff though. He was awesome before, he’s still awesome now.

My favorite bands D and Dong Bang Shin Ki never fail to win my musical heart. D went major earlier this year and so far are doing great. I can’t wait to get my hands on their FOLLOW ME Tour DVD. They are set to perform at a music fest? this month and have a new single in the works. Dong Bang Shin Ki or Tohoshinki as they are known in Japan went on a spree with releases earlier in the year and then sort of went silent for a bit (or I lost track of them lol ^^) But they have a new single out now so all is well. I love most of their songs, which have definitely on the love-song side but I’d wish they’d do another single along the lines of PURPLE LINE or the songs they used to produce in Korea. Oh well, so long as they keep singing, I don’t mind all the love. lol

Now for the really difficult part, naming the top ten albums/single + songs of this summer. X_X I have a few ideas but narrowing it down to ten is going to be hard.

I just want to remind everyone that these lists in no way express the views of official polls. These are just my personal lists of my favorite things that I’ve been doing over my summer break. I’d love to hear what everyone else has been watching, reading, playing and listening to this summer as well. I encourage you to leave comments. Alright, time to go have another battle of the musicians!

D + Birth PV

I had an opportunity to watch the new D PV last night thanks to champ213 of Note, this is there first PV released since going major. It was wonderful. A lot of fans were worried for group since they decided to go major. However, it seems they were allowed to remain themselves. I’m sooooo relieved. It was a pretty PV; I wish I knew more Japanese so I could at least give you all a general overview of the song but alas…

Despite the language barrier, it was awesome to see lead singer Asagi with his angel wings again (haven’t seen those since Corvinus). My favorite part(s) don’t stem around Asagi for once! *le shock* I loved the shot of Ruiza and Hide-Zou playing their guitars back to back and Tsunehito’s bass solo was amazing. 0_0 Plus everyone (excluding Asagi) got a slightly tweaked hairstyle; they’re really nice. Overall, A+ PV… 10 out of 10

Now, for those of you who don’t know about D yet (shame on you) I’ll explain. D is a Japanese visual kei band who I believe came on the scene in 2003. They’ve been steadily gaining a following though you can still consider them an underground cult classic (excuse the terms seeing as how they have gone major). They had their own magazine called Mad Tea Party but stopped producing it upon going major. The members are:

Vocals: Asagi

Guitar: Hide-zou & Ruiza

Bass: Tsunehito

Drums: Hiroki

There have only been two ex-members, Sin and Rena. Rena left in 2005 and Tsunehito came in December of 2005. Their music is driving; the lyrics poetic and often romantic telling a wonderful gothic story about a vampire. (For more information about the extended story behind the lyrics, visit and join )

My favorite songs are “EDEN”, “Taiyou wo Okuru Hi”, “Gareki no Hana”, “Mayutsuki no Hitsugi”, “Sleep” and my all time favorite (soon to be Utena Movie AMV) “Yami Yori Kurai Doukoku no A Capella to Bara Yori Akai Jounetsu no Aria” (phew. long title, ne?)

If at all interested, check out their albums The Name of the Rose and Tafael Anatomie. Give D a chance and enjoy their new single “Birth” when it is released next month!