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Ah, progress is good. There are only what, 16 to 17 days before Otakon? Phew. I’m excited to be returning but wow, I haven’t felt that rush of “omg omg omg! the wig isn’t done. I need to do these shoes over again. is my prop okay? do I have all my make-up. hairpins! i need hairpins!” for a long time. Taking a break off from serious conventioning last year really threw me for a loop. I must get back into the swing of things and I’m making my comeback in a big way.

Once again for Ota, I’ll be cosplaying as Anthy from Shoujo Kakumei Utena/Revolutionary Girl Utena. This year, I’m doing the TV versions of the Rose Bride and Anthy and the movie version of the Rose Bride. I’ve never done the TV versions before so I’m really excited. Also, to make this extra special, I now have a pair of beautiful green contacts (that I just practiced with). I’ve never worn contacts before so it was a little scary but the end result was entrancing. I couldn’t stop looking at my own eyes! LOL. Who know that a different eye color could make such a big change. Once I get used to putting them in (taking them out was a breeze), I’ll definitely be in the market to getting some more… namely lavender, amber, red, and mako green (i.e. Kadaj’s eye color). But for now, I’m very satisfied with my product!!! They’ll also come in handy once Mamiya arrives later this year. ^_^

Besides Otakon at the end of the month, this Saturday, I’m heading over to the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. to see the Star Wars in Concert show. According to my dear friend Sam, yesterday (7.13) was “Express Your Geekness Day”. I totally missed it so I’m expressing it now. GO STAR WARS GO! ^.^ I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve always wanted to go to a concert like this, especially after listening to the Evangelion Live Concert of 2001. It sounded like it was a once in a life time thing and the pictures in the insert reinforced that feeling. Yet another thing on my bucket list that will soon be crossed off. I need to think of more things to put on that list… I’m not ready to die yet but in the past few years, I’ve accomplished so much! Waaaaaah! @_@

Mata ne!

ZE BUCKET LIST (in no particular order)

1. Go to Japan (Thank you Towson University and Kansai Gaidai University!)

2. Finish writing one of my longer stories

3. See D live in Concert (they were all so pretty in real person *_*)

4. Perform in a Masquerade (thanks Mario!)

5. Meet Kanno Yoko and get her autograph

6. See X-Japan in concert

7. See Gackt in concert

8. See Hyde in concert (Saw him twice ^^ Thanx Otakon and Sam-chan!)

9. See Miyavi in concert (Thank you Sabu-chan!)

10. See Nightmare

11. See Versailles in concert (Thank you AnimeUSA!)

12. Visit Canada, South Korea and New Zealand (in that order, during the same trip)

13. Do a river cruise with Burt Wolf in Europe or traverse Europe on the Oriental Express

14. Do an anime convention tour around the US in a bus (like what John Madden has)

15. See Tohoshinki/Dong Bang Shin Ki/TVXQ in concert

16. Try Puffer Fish and live

17. To win a substantial monetary prize from the lottery or Publisher’s Clearing House | MODIFIED: Win ANY monetary prize from the lottery or Publisher’s Clearing House

18. Be an extra in a Hollywood movie regardless if its a box office hit or it stinks

19. Wear contacts with my Anthy cosplay


Cloudy Revelations Revival

TADAIMA Minna-san!!!!


Anthy Himemiya (Utena TV)

Oi, it’s been over a year since I last posted. Honma ni, gomen nasai! As you know, last year I was finally able to go to Japan. I stayed for four months and had an absolute blast. I came back home just before Christmas, and just in time to witness the awesome fury of Winter 2010 when the East Coast got rocked by not 1 but 2 huge blizzards. It was beautiful. I learned a lot in Japan, brought a lot of stuff, watched some anime and even got to see one of my favorite rock bands, D, in concert in Osaka.

I’ve been home for about six months and now I think I’m ready to start this blog back up again. I’ve been playing around with some ideas to change it. I may had random posts commenting on daily life and politico stuffs but mostly, I’ll still be sticking to otaku related stuff including concert reviews, cosplay updates, con reports, and what not.

So, to just list a few things which I may elaborate on later…

  • Miyavi Concert in Washington D.C. on June 29 was fucking amazing. (I apologize for cursing but that’s the only English word I can use to describe the magnitude of that concert). Thank you Miyavi for visiting us and I hope we showed you how much we’ve been waiting for that. Please come see us again soon because we are effing ready to rock again and again and again!
  • After a four year hiatus, I’m headed back to Otakon at the end of the month. I won’t have any additional costumes ready for Otakon but I’m happy to be going back. It’s a little like dejavu. Last time I was there, Yoshiki was there. I’m returning, and so is Yoshiki and he’s bring Sugizo with him!!! I already know, this is going to a repeat of the L’Arc~en~Ciel LINE OF DOOM as everyone tries to get into the 1st Mariner Arena. I feel for the first time participants in the masquerade having to perform in front of all those people! ^^;
  • I’ve pre-registered for AUSA. Their headliner is 12012. FINALLY, the east coast is getting some loving from  Japanese bands. Thank you so much in advance!
  • The Fantasia of the Rose has a new addition but I’ll update that in the proper section.
  • The D concert in Japan, apart of the Tightrope Tour, was freaking amazing. As an uber D fan, I was very satified.
  • Speaking of the D concert, I’ll have to import my posts from LJ here so everyone can read them.

Okay, I think that’s it for now. I will apologize in advance. After studying Japanese for so long and living in Japan, Japanese is naturally thrown into all my sentences. Now, I speak Kansai-ben so its even worse. On top of that, I can only count in German now (since I took it last semester) and since I’ll be taking Russian this semester (finally), it’ll probably screw up my speech any more. Come on technology, spell check for me because I don’t know what I’m saying anymore!!!! LOL

Great to be back! Let the Cloudy Revelations continue in the new decade! 宜しくお願いします!

Almost Done…



Then I can dust the… ano… dust! off of this blog! XD

One Year Birthday

I just realized today, seven days late, that this blog has been around for one whole year now!!!

YAY! Happy Belated Birthday Cloudy Revelations!!!! Here’s to another 12 months of otaku fun!

Going to Japan

Last Friday, I finally recieved word from Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka that I had been admitted to the Asian Studies Program. I am going to Japan in August!!!!!!!!!!


I’m using the high from this news to try and pass my classes this semester… especially my history class which is beating me to death. T_____T If I can just finish my draft paper tonight… I should make it. Now is the time where I curse myself for reading so slowly…. I wish I could really speed read sometimes but I just have a habit of reading everything, one page at a time. >.<


YAY! Also, I’ve already opened the blog that will be dedicated to my travels abroad. It’s called Cloudy Revelations LIVE in Osaka and you can find the link under the blogroll section. Right now, all the posts are in straight Japanese because I forgot to put the translations on them. >_< But I’ll correct that this week.


温もり – Warmth –

It is a curious thing on the campus of Towson University when the sun is high and the sky, there is time in between classes (or no classes at all) and the warmth of spring surrounds us all. Although I’m shut up inside do work I should have done long ago, I’m happily looking out the window of my dorm room. There’s a big field right outside the window and it is bustling with activity this afternoon.

A lot of girls are out sunbathing in bikinis. A girl, a guy (I assume it was her boyfriend) and their dog were running around earlier. The dog was really cute; he liked chancing balls and wanted to play volleyball with another group of girl who are now having lunch as I type. A few people are out with their laptops, typing with one hand while applying sunscreen with the other. There are two other groups out right now, one group is playing Frisbee (a very popular pasttime on campus) while the other group is made of boy doing something with a bunch of small, multicolored balls. @_@ It’s like they’re playing croquet without the hoops or mallets. Just now, a group of three girls have sat down in the sun to enjoy lunch from the dining hall around the corner from my dorm.

I can only imagine that the beach between the main academic halls is full of sunbathers too. That is how you know it is a nice day… the college students come out in droves. As for me… I’ll enjoy this nice spring weather tomorrow. Today, I must read and type, read and type, read or die and type or die. Luckily, I now have motivation to complete my paper and a 5 hour long playlist of my favorite songs to work by. I might open the window but there are lots of bees and wasps flying around because the willow trees in front of the dorm are in full bloom.

All hail the glory of spring!!! How long will this beautiful weather last? Who can say but… はれるや! LOL.

(note: はれるや is a play on words for hareru means to be sunny ^_^)


Listening to: EDEN by D

Eating: Sour Cream and Onion potato chips

Drinking: Water

Reading: Research material x_x

Whoa (aka Status Update)


済ません. 最近, 私は怠慢です.

It has been an INSANELY long time since I last updated. Thank you college life. This semester has been nothing like I thought it would be. I have a dissertation-like research paper that has been consuming a lot of my free time (and sanity) plus two other papers this semester and A LOT of stuff to read. On top of that, I’ve been working hard to submit my application to Kansai Gaidai in Osaka — by the way, I did finally get it out ^__^ — and I applied for a scholarship for said study abroad venture. When I haven’t been stressing about my papers or work on them, I’ve been asleep. LOL. So that all translates to not updating my blog since February….


Well, on the bright side, spring is here (though the temperatures around here can’t decide if it is late winter or mid-May yet) and there are only five more weeks of classes left in this semester. YAY!

I’m not going to promise anything, but if I somehow overcome my tendency to procrastinate and get this research paper done before its due (that would be a miracle XD) I might be able to do a little “spring cleaning” around this blog and FINALLY update the cosplay page. *crosses fingers*

引き続き倍旧のご厚情を賜りたく、切にお願い申し上げます. 20号年の春の季節に, 私は, 愛と学業と生におけるを頑張り続けています.

What I am about to type is absolutely true. No names have been changed; no one is innocent. XD

It started shortly after we moved back on campus in January 2009. After one lovely semester in a new dorm building on Towson Univeristy’s campus, we were looking forward to planning trips abroad and ultimately, looking for new residences for next semester. Things were going fine until one particularly cold day when I turned up the heat in our room. That is when it started. A mouse, yes that’s right, a M.O.U.S.E. (don’t you dare sing that club song…) appeared in our precious dorm space. At first, I was the only one to see it. My roommate Christa was freaked out but because she hadn’t seen it, she soon dismissed the fact. A week or so passed with no sighting of the mouse who we nicknamed Templeton.

Then, one weekend alone… late at night when I was chasing nats around the room and defending my bedspace from a  multi-legged creepy crawler, I caught another glimpse at Templeton. That was the last straw. I put in a maintainence request and the next day, they came to investigate. Having dealt with the problem before, they laid out a few glue traps in the areas I had seen him in, under the fridge.

It has been about a week or so since the maintaince guys came. We were starting to think that Templeton had once again left us until last night. That is when my roommate Christa saw him for the first time; matter of fact, she saw him twice. We both went to bed on guard but this morning, we saw no sign of him. The day passed like normal up until about an hour ago. That is when Templeton the Bold decided to come out while all the lights were on. He then started scampering around the room lightening quick. He has avoided all three traps that are the room. After he took refuge under my bed, I declared war on the little guy and went after him with 409. Needless to say, they didn’t quite work out and while I was searching for him, my roommate squealed that he had ran right under my feet. That was the last straw. It is now 2:48AM, the very early morning of February 25, the morning of my 20th birthday, and instead of being in a nice warm bed dreaming about Dante from Devil May Cry… I am sitting in the open lounge on the third floor of our building with my roommate. Bluntly, Templeton has scared the shit out of us. You know, if he didn’t move so fast, this wouldn’t be such a problem but he’s like Speedy Gonzalas (sp?).

Yo Disney!!! I’m calling you. I want you to take your rodent back!!!!

The curious case of Templeton and the Roommates continues into the wee hours of the morning….

This is a trend that I am NOT liking one little bit. I was just checking up on my e-mail and read something disturbing. Cowboy Bebop is about to become the next victim of Hollywood’s anime to live-action attempts. WHY?! It does not make me feel good that FOX is doing it, or that Watanabe and Nobumoto are associate producers or that Keanu Reeves is slated to play Spike Spiegel. None of that makes me feel good at all.

I’m totally miffed and vexed by  this trend of American companies making live-action movies out of everything. This is getting really ridiculous. I always thought of anime as an art form as such a form  that told and presented a story in  a way that it can’t really be reproduced physically; it can only be animated.. meticulous drawn out and painted, cel by cel. Obviously, Hollywood thinks differently and it is trying to cash-in on the popularity anime is enjoying over here in the States. I am really starting to miss the days when anime was an underground, cult phenom that everyone else [those who weren’t into it] wasn’t interested in and wanted to have no part in. But not anymore. You know, I probably wouldn’t be so upset if Hollywood could get it right. We all saw how Speed Racer turned out… and Godzilla… and that certain Dead or Alive movie attempt…

I guess I’ll just have to get used to the fact that this is the current trend in Hollywood. They ran out of fresh ideas long ago; now they are running out of remakes so they have turned to anime and video games. Is there no originality anymore?

And before I get bashed, let me just mention that I am fully aware that in Japan, anime gets adapted into live-action movies and even musicals too. However, the Japanese have a greater understanding and appreciation of where that movie or musical is coming from and they put a lot of hard work and effort to reproduce the emotions and characters associated with a particular piece into that new live-action form. I have yet to see Hollywood pull it off. I’m also aware that here in the states, books and musicals get adapted into movies too. So long as the adaptation is true to the spirit, meaning and over all story of the original book and musical, it is fine. It is just interesting how things from overseas usually get lost in translation; I suppose that can’t be avoided.

We’ll just have to wait and see now with Dragonball Z coming out, the American version of DeathNote, now Cowboy Bebop, and possibly Castlevania and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Cowboy Bebop information found here .


I’d like to know what everyone else thinks of this trend Hollywood is taking in producing live-action movies of some of the otaku world’s most beloved animes and video games. I suppose there are some who are excited about this trend, some who are scared, some who are outright angered and other who don’t care. What is your opinion?

Let it Snow

I’m new to WordPress but I just found something that makes me love this blog more than any of the other’s I have. WordPress has snow. How cool is that? ^___^

Now [at least until Jan. 4], I won’t have to be upset if it isn’t snowing for real outside. I can just come visit my blog. Thank you so much WordPress.