What I am about to type is absolutely true. No names have been changed; no one is innocent. XD

It started shortly after we moved back on campus in January 2009. After one lovely semester in a new dorm building on Towson Univeristy’s campus, we were looking forward to planning trips abroad and ultimately, looking for new residences for next semester. Things were going fine until one particularly cold day when I turned up the heat in our room. That is when it started. A mouse, yes that’s right, a M.O.U.S.E. (don’t you dare sing that club song…) appeared in our precious dorm space. At first, I was the only one to see it. My roommate Christa was freaked out but because she hadn’t seen it, she soon dismissed the fact. A week or so passed with no sighting of the mouse who we nicknamed Templeton.

Then, one weekend alone… late at night when I was chasing nats around the room and defending my bedspace from a  multi-legged creepy crawler, I caught another glimpse at Templeton. That was the last straw. I put in a maintainence request and the next day, they came to investigate. Having dealt with the problem before, they laid out a few glue traps in the areas I had seen him in, under the fridge.

It has been about a week or so since the maintaince guys came. We were starting to think that Templeton had once again left us until last night. That is when my roommate Christa saw him for the first time; matter of fact, she saw him twice. We both went to bed on guard but this morning, we saw no sign of him. The day passed like normal up until about an hour ago. That is when Templeton the Bold decided to come out while all the lights were on. He then started scampering around the room lightening quick. He has avoided all three traps that are the room. After he took refuge under my bed, I declared war on the little guy and went after him with 409. Needless to say, they didn’t quite work out and while I was searching for him, my roommate squealed that he had ran right under my feet. That was the last straw. It is now 2:48AM, the very early morning of February 25, the morning of my 20th birthday, and instead of being in a nice warm bed dreaming about Dante from Devil May Cry… I am sitting in the open lounge on the third floor of our building with my roommate. Bluntly, Templeton has scared the shit out of us. You know, if he didn’t move so fast, this wouldn’t be such a problem but he’s like Speedy Gonzalas (sp?).

Yo Disney!!! I’m calling you. I want you to take your rodent back!!!!

The curious case of Templeton and the Roommates continues into the wee hours of the morning….