Yep, school has started back up and what I thought was going to be a pretty quiet semester will be anything but. Two 10 page papers, two presentations, a two page essay and a 25-page paper. YAY. -____-

Besides workload, things are okay. I’ve had some surprisingly good food, I’ve made more international friends, and we have a mouse in our dorm room. For the moment, my roommate and I are deciding between the name Templeton and Chu-Chu. We’re going to try to catch and release him because we don’t want him in our room. However, we felt that despite his odd presence, he deserved a name. ^_^

There’s not too much else to report other than I won’t be going to Katsucon this year which may mean no cons at all (if everything works out… maybe). Yet, I can’t wait until Sakura Matsuri time!!!! I have a feeling this year will be just as great or even better as last year!