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Happy New Year

With a little more than two hours left until 2009 arrives, I just want to take this time to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!!!

2008 was full of ups and downs, good times, bad times and for me personally, some really ugly times. I have learned a lot this year and I have a lot of great memories too. I’ve made new friends, I saw Versailles in concert, finished another semester in school and grew from the ugly times in the year. Hopefully next year will be just as exciting and not as distressing as this year. Hopefully the world will get its act together and we can progress forward positively. Let’s all make the very most of 2009 and have lots of fun. Here’s hoping that this blog will continue to grow and that you will keep reading it. Have a very safe and happy New Year!


~ Cloudy Star


… If you’ve ever seen the Utena movie, then you know what I’m talking about.

I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED ALL MY CLASSES!!! W00t! But the hardest part remains. Finals begin this week and although I don’t have one tomorrow (Tuesday) I have one a day until next Tuesday. Wednesday is Philosophy; Thursday is Japanese; Friday is Geology and Monday is History. After that, six beautiful weeks of FREEEEEDOM!

It has been a very interesting school year full of ups and more recently downs. Hopefully, it will end on a high note. *crosses fingers*

To anyone else still taking finals as well, ganbette kudasai!

Let it Snow

I’m new to WordPress but I just found something that makes me love this blog more than any of the other’s I have. WordPress has snow. How cool is that? ^___^

Now [at least until Jan. 4], I won’t have to be upset if it isn’t snowing for real outside. I can just come visit my blog. Thank you so much WordPress.

It’s Almost Time…

The school year is almost over. All I have to do is survive tomorrow and I will be free. I mean, yes, finals are still next week but classes will be over at last. W00t!

You Know that Place…

You know that place between two weeks left of class, finals coming, two papers to write and no job for the Winter Break…?


Procrastination is a bitch.