Ah, at long last- it is finally AUSA time. I’m so happy. After the stressful week of school work and exams, I’m ready to escape from this world and become someone else for a few days. ^.^ Well actually, it’s would be a slight transition, lol. Anyway, with AUSA a day away from starting, I’m just a few hours away from completing my costumes. All weekend long, I will be cosplaying as various incarnations of Anthy Himemiya with one special costume that was inspired by the artbook (see left). It won’t exactly the same color but it is of similar styling and all I have to do is add all of the roses to the dress… and perhaps find a better hoop than the one I have to give it a little extra flare and perhaps pick it up off the ground a bit (this is because I am vertically-challenged ><) Other than that special dress for the Kabuki Ball, I’ll be appearing in the red rose bride grown, the school uniform (movie) and the movie gown as well. Although I doubt I will get it done this time, I hope to have my contacts and a photoshoot  in the Kabuki Ball gown complete by New Years. YES, it will actually take that long to do all that because of school. ><

I’m also highly looking forward to the Versailles concert on Saturday as well. I was slightly disappointed to see that the time slot for the concert was so short but any length of time equals a once-in-a-lifetime must see moment. On top of that, I get to see two very good friends whom I have seen since earlier in the year and my friend from T-Mode (Sabira) will also be there… hopefully sharing some more stories about her time with NYAF. (She is one lucky girl) What else… [giest] will be there too, though I doubt I will challenge them (drummer Sai actually) to a rematch to test our manhood! XD

Voice actors, lots of music, friends and cosplay… yep, this is going to be a good weekend (hopefully). The economy might be suffering; the anime industry also might be slowing down; panic, fear and hate might be the emotions many are feeling right now but that is why anime cons exist…. to take away that pain… even if only lasts for the length of the convention. Oh who am I kidding, GO AUSA GO! WHOOO! CONVENTION TIME! LOL.