I. LOVE. IT!!!

Zune’s newest software update finally adds the one thing I needed on my Zune, A CLOCK! Thank you Microsoft!!! Besides that, Version 3.0 comes with two games: Hexic and Texas Hold’em. Sadly enough, I have become slightly addicted to Texas Hold’em though I’m still not sure how to win (with trying). However, my luck is pretty good and I’m better playing against one person than in the large group. Hexic… I can only describe as being like Tetris without being like Tetris. You’re supposed to match colors and make patterns (flowers) to win rare items like stars and black pearls. 0_0 It’s a good way to pass the time. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that even though my Zune is plugged in charging, the games still eat the battery. T_T

Besides the additions to the device, the hardware on the computer keeps getting streamed line and is even easier on the eyes. With the last update, Microsoft finally allowed you to manage information about your songs, albums and videos. That feature continues to be of great use, and was definitely a long time coming compared to older versions of the software. Also, the Marketplace has become a little friendly and easier to navigate than in the past (at least for me). They even have anime! I really have to invest in some Microsoft Points so I can buy all most of GiTS: SAC 2nd GiG and a few albums I’ve been looking for. Although the themes for the software haven’t changed, I think they’re brighter and more appealing. I would like to see new theme sets in the future, at least ONE new skin please!

Finally, on a note of performance; this latest update has made loading times for the software’s interface a lot smoother and quicker. Also, searching for new content on an expansive external hardrive like mine doesn’t take as long anymore nor slow down the system. Also (unless I changed something), you have to manually click your Zune icon to star the software instead of it appearing every time you plug in. That is a great relief, especially for those who just want to quickly charge their Zune and go. However, because of the smoother operation of the system, I don’t think that would be a problem anymore.

All and all, this random review of the Zune Software 3.0 is complete. I give it 5 out 5. If you just brought a Zune or already have one, I’m sure you’re pleased with this update especially the addition of two games and a clock! LOL I’m off to play more Texas Hold’em!