Hello all. I have returned from T-Mode but unfortunately, I am WAY too tired to even begin to try to write a summary. Therefore, you will have to wait for it. However, I will say that despite being a lot smaller than I would have imagined, bigger isn’t always better. The music was awesome; the panels were good; the cosplay events were good and I even did something I’ve been dreaming to do but was too shy to attempt. ^_^ I also made new friends, had fun and enjoyed hanging out with all most of the guests at brunch on Saturday. All and all, this con was like a bed-and-breakfast; small yet memorable with a sort of charm you can’t find anywhere else. Kudos to all the staff (especially those from campus) and a huge thank you to the guests and all the attendees. Mucho kudos to the 20 main people that were there all weekend and hello to the 16 Otaku Passport VIP holders.

As Jan Valentine once said, “Thank you and goodnight!!!!!!”