Well, I know tomorrow is only Thursday but my weekend begins tomorrow afternoon. T-Mode is this weekend and I’m really looking forward to it. My roommate is the cosplay coordinator for T-Mode; yeah, she’s freaking out about it but I’m trying to guide her along though it has been a slow process.

Other than that, I only have to finalize what it is I will be wearing. Friday, for once, I might not cosplay until the Villains Ball but maybe I’ll just run around as a school girl or something. For the ball, I’m doing an original villain character, even though she kind of reminds me of a sorta gothic version of Anthy Himemiya! 0_0 (WOW) Saturday, I’ll probably do Movie Anthy (school uniform) and repeat that Sunday. I’m really looking forward to the panels, the concerts and meeting Johnny Yong Bosch again. ^_^ Hopefully, this will be a good con.

Alright, now with con news out of the way, I can give you the latest updates. I’ve changed the layout and I’m getting ready to change the name of this blog. It’s going to be a massive update when I do it (probably next weekend) but I’m sure it’ll be for the best. Ha! That was a pretty short update ^^; gomen.