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ZUNE Software Version 3.0

I. LOVE. IT!!!

Zune’s newest software update finally adds the one thing I needed on my Zune, A CLOCK! Thank you Microsoft!!! Besides that, Version 3.0 comes with two games: Hexic and Texas Hold’em. Sadly enough, I have become slightly addicted to Texas Hold’em though I’m still not sure how to win (with trying). However, my luck is pretty good and I’m better playing against one person than in the large group. Hexic… I can only describe as being like Tetris without being like Tetris. You’re supposed to match colors and make patterns (flowers) to win rare items like stars and black pearls. 0_0 It’s a good way to pass the time. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that even though my Zune is plugged in charging, the games still eat the battery. T_T

Besides the additions to the device, the hardware on the computer keeps getting streamed line and is even easier on the eyes. With the last update, Microsoft finally allowed you to manage information about your songs, albums and videos. That feature continues to be of great use, and was definitely a long time coming compared to older versions of the software. Also, the Marketplace has become a little friendly and easier to navigate than in the past (at least for me). They even have anime! I really have to invest in some Microsoft Points so I can buy all most of GiTS: SAC 2nd GiG and a few albums I’ve been looking for. Although the themes for the software haven’t changed, I think they’re brighter and more appealing. I would like to see new theme sets in the future, at least ONE new skin please!

Finally, on a note of performance; this latest update has made loading times for the software’s interface a lot smoother and quicker. Also, searching for new content on an expansive external hardrive like mine doesn’t take as long anymore nor slow down the system. Also (unless I changed something), you have to manually click your Zune icon to star the software instead of it appearing every time you plug in. That is a great relief, especially for those who just want to quickly charge their Zune and go. However, because of the smoother operation of the system, I don’t think that would be a problem anymore.

All and all, this random review of the Zune Software 3.0 is complete. I give it 5 out 5. If you just brought a Zune or already have one, I’m sure you’re pleased with this update especially the addition of two games and a clock! LOL I’m off to play more Texas Hold’em!


In my further attempt to revamp personalize this blog, I’ve added a new category to the links section titled “Fandom”. This category will house links to fanlistings of the things and people I’m interested in. Hopefully, I won’t have too much trouble uploading the codes to these sites either.

Also, one day I just might get creative and mess with the CSS on some of these templates besides just rotating the pictures. I’m still not quite sure the purpose of the blog; still running under the “all and nothing” scheme but I see a slightly more organized and detailed future for Cloudy Revelations. Lets hope it works!

Ja ne!

I just found out from a friend that due to a legal issue in the U.S., Versailles was forced to change their name. They entreated their fans for help and got many wonderful and creative responses. The name the band settled on is Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet-. Not only have they changed their name, they have also released a new single, “PRINCE“. There new single can be downloaded for FREE at this website: The free download is apart of a special promotion for the band under their new name and way for the band to thank all their fans. More information about this change can be found at my friend’s website here:

I have already downloaded the new single. It’s really beautiful. Kamijo’s voice just keeps getting better. I noticed the change in his way of singing when he first created Versailles and after their first album “NOBLE” I was really impressed. The band continues to thrill me with this single “PRINCE“. I have to listen to the lyrics more closely when I’m not in the middle of preparing for class! XD However, as I said before, it is a really beautiful song. It isn’t as driving as Aristocratic Symphony. As I sit here and listen to it now, I’m thinking of an aristocratic –if now conflicted young noble– riding his horse though the forest while it’s snowing. Definitely a winter time song in my eyes; I’ve already added it to my playlist. ^^ The melody and tempo are nice with awesome guitar work as always. Go download it and enjoy!

POST T-Mode Vol. 2 “THE ALL”

I can’t believe that it has already been a week since T-Mode. It’s always amazing how times flies after a convention. That’s one of the sad things about attending them; the anticipation to the event is so much and for 72 hours you experience completely bliss. But that 72 hours is so fleeting… I often wish that those three days would span a lifetime, but then again, I guess it would loose all its meaning and value if it lasted forever, lol.

Alright, enough of the philosophical, tragic romance crap. Let’s get to the long over-due con report shall we?

The Rose Signet

T-MODE 2008

This was my first time attending T-Mode. My friend Elly first told me about this convention last year when she went. I researched it on the net, which had it listed as a gaming convention. That immediately put me off. Despite being a proud girl gamer, I wasn’t interested in going to a con dedicated sole to that pursuit. However, I always found it odd that she was raving about all the musical guests they were having and I noticed the awesome voice actors they had lined up last year too. Okay, T-Mode was a very weird gaming convention, lol.

Flash forward to March of this year. I was seeking cons to attend this year since Otakon was still out of reach yet again. T-Mode came into view. Johnny Yong Bosch was listed as a guest and I knew immediately, there was a potential I could be going. By Anime-Mid Atlantic, I found out about the Otaku Passport and pretty much realized I was going. Shortly after AMA, I had my passport and was anxiously looking forward to T-Mode.

That was the back story. This is what happened.


I don’t quite remember what time we arrived at the con, definitely after opening ceremonies which was at 1PM. So it must have about pushing 2:30, 3:00 PM when I got there. I was a little lost, going to the lobby of the hotel and not hearing or seeing the likes of a convention. We saw a little flyer that said the con was the floor above so back to the elevator and up one level I went. Even though I knew it was the right level, I still didn’t see anything that looked or sounded like an anime convention. I picked up my badge which was this very awesome dog tag. I know some people didn’t like them, but I encourage more conventions to get them. They are cute, trendy and a lot easier to hide during photos than the bigger ones that Otakon, Katsucon and AnimeUSA have.

As an Otaku Passport holder, I got a nice bag with a full-color program book, the schedule and a booster pack of Bleach cards (which I just started collecting. One day, I’ll actually learn to play the game, lol). I sat and talked with my friend/roommate Christa who I was coaching through her first con volunteering gig. She had only been to one con beforehand, Otakon. LOL. And already she’s volunteering? Well, she picked the best con to start at.

After grabbing the pre-reg stuff, my mom and I VERY CAUTIOUSLY walked the entire floor of our little convention. It was scary at first as just how silent and unpopulated the con was early afternoon Friday. The total count by the first concert was 15 people. If you had been there, you would have recognized everyone in five minutes. It was kind of cool because you know who all the late comers were since they were unfamiliar faces of the original 15, lol. We peeked in the game room, which is were most of the 15 were hanging out. It was a very neat if not small game room but it looked awesome.

We then continued on and sat in on a video, to which we were the only ones in the video room for most of the program. THAT WAS AWESOME. We were Gun x Sword. I have it on my list of anime to get next time I hit up Suncoast. The guy running the room was really nice too, asking if we wanted to watch it subbed or dubbed. Asking if it were loud enough and how much we wanted to watch. That was unexpected and that is something that would NEVER happen at a bigger con. We watched most of it and stayed in for a bit when the next video came on.

Then, we went to the Trigun fan panel. I never caught the name of the guy who ran it but he was a Passport holder too. It was me, my mom and a Lelouch cosplayer (another passport holder) who attended the panel. I think we talked about Trigun for a total of 10 minutes. We had fun just talking about other things in addition to Trigun. Unfortunately, no one else showed up until the very end, one of the volunteers came in. Next up, I went to my first concert of the day Sakura Madams.

I heard them when they were doing sound-check. They had a sax player in the band. I knew I had to go. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the first one in there but there were only like five other people in there. It was a really awesome concert (saxophone and all). It was standing room only, lol. Because there was only 8 people at the concert, we all just gathered around the stage and let the music flow into us directly. I really like their sounds and I brought the CD too.

During the concert, I kept looking at this one really cool girl who was very much into the music and mouthing the words to some (most) of the songs. Little did I know that we would become great friends by the end of the convention… matter of fact, before the end of the night on Friday! XD

After the concert, I do believe that is when I met a girl dressed as Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight. I can’t really remember. However, I think I did ask for her picture (maybe later on in the evening?) and just started talking to her, which is a major accomplishment for me because I’m EXTREMELY shy! -_-; So anyway, I’ll refer to her by her real name for the rest of this article. Her name is Sabira. I must say, that’s a cool name. ^_^ We pretty much hung out after that concert for the rest of the convention. We went to the game room and spent some time in there. Afterwards, I think we got separated for a while but met up again before the highly anticipated [geist] concert.

The [geist] concert was many types of awesomness. Sabira and I were the first two people in there after their sound-check. We just kinda wondered in… in awe. LOL. We were summoned to the front of the stage by their guitarist Kazuya. For about a hot two minutes, we were the only two people in there until the others including my other new friend (to who I will refer to her by her name now too, Samantha) showed up. I do believe, the concert started with 5 people, bumped up to 8 people by the end of the first set of songs, had a total of 15 max during the most intense part of the concert and then ended with the original 8 people still there gettin’ our headbanging on! YOSH!

ZOMG. I had only ever been to one other J-rock concert before this [L’Arc~en~Ciel @ Otakon 2004… the EPIC line-con]. I mean, don’t get me wrong; the L’Arc~en~Ciel concert was out of this world awesome but there is something special about being three feet away from the stage (and the speakers), on your feet, rocking out in what felt like your own personal concert session. That is the beauty of T-Mode’s size. I did feel sorry for the bands though because the crowd sizes were so tiny but man did it create a more intimate atmosphere between the band and those who were standing 3 feet away from the stage.

So anyway, the [geist] concert was so sweet. I really really like their sound and I encourage everyone to visit their myspace page and listen to their music. Their songs are in Japanese (with random english thrown in) which is totally awesome seeing as how they are from Baltimore, Maryland! (YAY! Go Baltimore. WHOOOO! I’m just saying that because I attend Towson University which is really close to the city XD But Baltimore is a cool city anyway ^.^) They did a… two covers of Gilgamesh and MUCC which were really awesome. Kane has an awesome voice for a girl. I definitely admire her singing skills and her work in learning Japanese. Give poor little Asian Studies majors like myself hope. ^_^ Their drummer Sai is some type of awesome too. I have a thing for drummers and man was he getting down on that drum set. Very intense. Kazuya was awesome too. As much as I hate to admit this, the first time I saw him when he called Sabira and I to the stage, I thought instantly he looked like Zangetsu from BLEACH. XDDDDDDDDDDDDD I’m sorry, that was the first thing I thought of!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL. But he was really cool too. Their bassist Hiro reminded me a lot of L from DeathNote. He was playing with no shoes on and the way his hair fell over his eyes was very L-like. Matter of fact, I’m sure that since L can play tennis, he could handle playing bass in a band XD. I don’t know what else to say about that concert other than AWESOME, INTENSE, and MORE AWESOME. The boys in Japan would be proud (should be proud) ^_^.

I don’t remember what else happened Friday other than Sabira, Samantha and I became friends and hung out. OH. There was this really cool Vergil cosplayer, which made me happy since I’m a HUGE fan of Devil May Cry. OH. Also, my friend Christa dragged me into the Anime Dating Game. Now, I did the Anime Dating Game at AnimeUSA last year which gave me experience over the others. Fortunately, I gave Christa enough pointers that the game turned out REALLY REALLY well. The first round was absolutely hilarious. It was ironic that I was chosen to be bachelorette #2 again because that what position I was at AUSA. Oh man. This game was very hentai compared to AUSA’s version which just made it totally hilarious. Selphie from FFVIII won the first round. We had a Reno, Hitsugaya, Yaoi Man, Selphie, moi as the Rose Bride, Lelouch, Cloud, a cat girl, Snake, someone from the Prince of Tennis and an original cosplay (forgot his name because its hard to pronounce but everyone though he was Parn from Lodoss) participate. The first round I thought was the best.

Pushing 2AM, surviving another Anime Dating Game, meeting new friends, going to a panel, rocking out in two or three awesome concerts and getting autographs, I headed home…. thoroughly wiped out. However, Saturday was going to be a big day… tropical storm Hanna and all!

Sabira as Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight (picture by


Twas a dark and rainy morning, the morning of another day at T-MODE… an epic morning that would almost, ALMOST being world peace! Honestly, I’m not lying! After groggily getting up at 8AM after falling asleep at 4AM, I remember that I was destined to have breakfast with the guests of T-MODE including one of my favorite voice actors, Johnny Yong Bosch. That thought got me out of bed, into the shower, in front of the mirror to apply make-up, into my costume and out the rain-soaked front door, slowly down the streets and highways to the Hilton in Crystal City. Thank God I live close by. Hanna wasn’t that bad, but at a few spots, driving became tricky.

Inside the Hilton I went, barely touched by Hanna’s wrath and into the VIP area where food, guests and the luckly VIP’s were assembled. I sat found a spot at the table Sabira and Samantha were sitting along with the head of programing for Katsucon, Nick Ferris and his wife Tegan and the guy who ran the Trigun Fan Panel the day before. [geist] was there along with Stephanie Sheh, Johnny Yong Bosch and a few of the T-Mode volunteers. What a lovely brunch it was with ham, eggs, toast, fruit, juice and the all important coffee. Conversation was light but engaging as we chewed over what we have been watching, what we were looking forward to in the day, our favorite animes of all time, other conventions and the events that took place the day before. [geist] was seated at the table next to us. It was really cool to being eating next one of the bands. Again, you can’t do that at a larger con. There was something really intimate about it.

As things started winding down, Johnny and Steph got up and floated around the table to introduce themselves. I remember he more or less heading toward the coffee when he passed by this kid who could have been no more than 14 or so, sitting at a table by himself. Johnny went right up to him, patted him on the shoulder, said “hi”, shook his hand and all that good stuff. My eyes were bugging out as I though “You lucky kid you. This is something ur gonna tell your grandchildren in the future!” LOL. Lowandbehold, he then floated around our table and we all introduced ourselves and shook his hand. 0______0 I realized much later the significance of that and have fangirled a bit… oh who am I kidding, I’m still fangirling ^_^ LOL. It was really nice of them to do that. Just eating breakfast in the same room as them was enough for me. ^^

Then, came the most important part of brunch.


”], the winner of the epic “Test of Manhood” (picture by Samantha)”]How to participate: 1) raise your index finger on your dominate hand like E.T. phoning home. If you want a challenge, rise your index finger on your non-dominate hand. 2) rise your arm straight up into the air, keeping your index finger more or less pointed toward the heavens. 3) see how long you can hold that position. It works best if you do this with a friend.

We had funny names for it, “Fingers Across America” and such but we kind of settled on “Fingers to Unite the World” and thought it would be really cool if we could do a live feed around the world and get everyone to participate. See, we really would have brought about world peace… all thanks to Gurren Lagan! (I hope I spelled that right) In the end, (note everyone in the room including Johnny and Steph participated in this epic event) in came down to a contest between the table I was sitting at and Sai of [geist]. Although he was using his left arm instead of his right arm to make it fairer (he is a drummer after all so he has strong arms), it was still a very fierce competition. Four girls, three guys (one staffer was still going too) vs. Sai. After 45 minutes of no one close to relenting, it was definitely become an epic battle of manhood there. In the end, Sai one after my table called it a draw. We all simultaniously put our hands down… and the simultaniously uttered a very painful, “UGH”. To this day… I can still feel a bit of tightness in my upper arm from the event.

Stephanie Sheh, Sabira and Johnny Yong Bosch

While Sabira and I went shopping in the dealer’s room, Sai came around with his arm still up. He was trying to find everyone to show them that he had indeed won the contest, setting the record at about an hour and 15… 30 minutes? No one else in the con had no idea what was going on. They were wondering what was with people walking around it their arm held up in the air. We were praising the heavens! LOL. Anyway, Sabira and I saw Sai finally put his arm down in the game room and the epic test of manhood was completed… never to be forgotten. Later, when Sabira and I went to get autographs, Stephanie drew a little arm next to her picture to prove that she too had participated.EPIC.

What was even more epic was that Sabira and I realized we were both big Devil May Cry fans and that we had both forgotten to bring our Devil May Cry 4 stuff to have Johnny sign since he was Nero afterall. But, in light of that, we stood in line patiently, singing and humming “Out of Darkness” from DMC4. We would get another chance on Sunday.

Sabira and I then headed to the non-“Broken Path” screening after playing (she was playing) Rock Band for a while. It was a non-screening because Johnny admitted he forgot the DVD at home. XD But, they were showing something he worked on for Nicktoons in Canada. It was weird but fun to watch anyway. Evil, magic recipes from an ancient cookbook… riiiiiiiiiiiight.

While watching, Samantha returned (she had gone to change into her costume). I almost died when she sat next to me. All I saw in the dim light in the video room as dark green and blonde hair. I FREAKED. I honestly thought that out of nowhere, Intrega Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing just appeared and sat next to me. I honestly wanted to scream but rationality took over and I realized it was Samantha and calmed down enough not to scream. But I did glomp her. ^_^ ZOMG. I’m so happy she’s my friend now!

Samantha as Sir Integra from Hellsing

Samantha as Sir Integra from Hellsing

Welp, after that revelation, we headed to the next round of musical guests which included VERY intense performances by Gelatine and Thee 50’s High Teens. Again, standing room only. OH MY GOSH, the lead singer of Gelatine was uber intense on each song man. The only way I can explain it is to say she was possessed. That’s just how intense she was. It was like The Grudge and The Ring combined but… cooler! Immediately, after Gelatine came Thee 50’s High Teens. I honestly would wear their costumes around campus. They were many types of awesome too, uberly intense as well. My favorite part of the concert… which is really hard to choose cause I like the whole thing… but my favorite part was at the end when they sung SHOUT and ended in the classic rock style… tear up the stage! Standing on teh drum set, banging the keys on the keyboard, kicking over the cymbals and laying on the ground just giving it your all on the guitar. All they had to do was set one of the guitars on fire; that would have been icing on the cake but it was still pretty sweet. The room just erupted into cheers at that finale man. [geist] was there and everything. SWEETNESS. I brought like everything they had after the concert. Thee 50’s High Teens. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Thee 50's High Teens (picture by Sabira)

Thee 50's High Teens

To end the day, Sabira, Samantha and I went to a very lovely dinner at… what was that Chili’s??? Yeah. ^_^; came back, hung around in the game room for a while and went to a panel chronicling the Top 50 Greatest Anime Heroines of ALL TIME before going our separate ways for the night. Unfortunately, it was the last time that we would see Samantha for she left early Sunday morning. T____T However, Sabira and I stuck around for a bit on Sunday to finish out this con in an epic way (well, it was epic for me at least. LOL)

"Magic Knights Rayearth" (photo by Sakura Madams courtesy of Samantha's iPhone)

"Magic Knights Rayearth" Samantha, moi and Sabira (photo by Sakura Madams via Samantha's iPhone)


What more could possibly happen at T-Mode 2008? A few more things. Sunday I showed up as the movie version of the Rose Bride. Sabira was once again Yuki Cross. Our trio was now a duo but we lived each moment with Samantha in our hearts. We spent the the early morning in the game room, assisting a guy playing Metal Gear Solid 4. I had to practically drag Sabira away to attend our VIP panel with Johnny Yong Bosch. He was sleepy cause he had gotten up late and ran downstairs because he thought he had a press meeting. Unfortuantely, the press guys didn’t show up so he got up in a panic for nothing. That was okay though. It was me, Sabira, the guy who ran the Trigun Fan Panel and the girl on staff attending this VIP session. I actually asked a question. 0_0 LOL. No, I was just wondering how did he like working on Devil May Cry 4 and he said it was a lot of fun and described some of the motion capture work he had to do… plus the cool things he did while in Japan. We touched on Trigun, Eureka7, Power Rangers and I asked him (wow I asked two questions?! kakkoi!) if he remembered his voice work from one of my Top 10 animes of all time Heat Guy J. He did remember so I asked him to do that awesome yet demented laugh he did for Clair Lionelli. I am sooooo sorry I didn’t have my camera on me cause he actually did it and it totally sent chills up my spine to hear it in person and see his face when he did it. *_* Go Johnny Go. At the end of the VIP panel, Sabira and I asked him to sign our respective Devil May Cry 4 game and game guide. He signed them both with Nero’s phrase “Give me more power” and he signed as both himself and Nero. SWWWWWEEEEEETTTTTTT. My fandom has at long been answered! Now I gotta get Dante’s signature too.

After the VIP panel we pretty much followed him to his next too panels, the BLEACH panel in which I asked yet another question (ZOMG) “Have you seen the Bleach Musicals?” Not only does he know about them, he’s watched a few clips from them too and to top it all off, he thinks it’s pretty awesome. Stephanie had no idea about the musicals but said when she got back home she would have to look it up on YouTube. YAY! “Ichigo” actually watched a Bleach Musical! XD The Bleach panel didn’t stay on Bleach very long, we moved into the pros and cons of things, very scary fetishes and a bunch of other non-Bleach subjects. Afterwards was the Voice Acting for Video Games (the panel I had suggested) where we again touched on Devil May Cry 4 and did a brief lesson in voicing the hits you hear in games like Bleach, Naruto and pretty much any other game that includes a fight scene.

Finally living Johnny alone, Sabira and I went shopping and pretty much empty our wallets on DeathNote and Canti from FLCL while looking at rare Yu-gi-Oh! cards. XD

Okay, and here’s the grand finale. ARE YOU READY? ARE YOU STEADY?…. (i’m not about to say GO so don’t start singing the song….) KARAOKE TIME!!!!

That’s right. Sabira forced talked me into doing karaoke. Now, I’ve always wanted to do karaoke at a con but I’m too shy to sing in front of people. Just when I had worked up the nerve to do it at Otakon, I stopped going. So despite being reluctant at first, THANK YOU SABIRA for making encouraging me to do karaoke. The DJ was D-chan, a big Sailor Moon and Utena fan respectively and a very good DJ. I think I’ll just copy and paste the blurb from his con report to describe what happened:

In an effort to accommodate those who couldn’t stay up that late 2 nights ago, The TAKII World Tour decided to change D-chan’s performance with an uber-sexy edition of Say WTF Karaoke PLUS! There were quite a few talented singers this time around, but a young lady who cosplayed as Anthy (Utena) who sang not 1, not 2, but 3 songs from….you guessed it….Utena, was 1 of the best from the entire weekend! Believe me, no one’s Sunday is complete without a rousing rendition of “Rinbu Revolution” -P.” ~by D-Chan (

Afterwards, Sabira and I gave each other one last hug and went home. And that was T-Mode 2008.

I forgot to mention being forced into the Friday hall costume contest despite not making my own costume T_T and the wonderful VIP panel with’s Kevin McKeever on Saturday before dinner with my girls but my fingers are really tired of trying to type out this report in one sitting. LOL.

So in closing, T-MODE is the smallest con I have ever been to but being my 13th con overall, it was a very enjoyable and INTIMATE convention with awesome music, awesome guests, great staff, great events, great attendees (especially the Original 15! W00t!), a very awesome video game room and most importantly, new friends to share the experience with and hopefully at more cons to come too. That is it, there is no more write. As Jan Valentine once said: “THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT!!!!!”

(photo by Sabira)

(photo by Sabira)

Gelatine (photo by Sabira)

Gelatine (photo by Sabira)

POST T-Mode Vol. 1

Hello all. I have returned from T-Mode but unfortunately, I am WAY too tired to even begin to try to write a summary. Therefore, you will have to wait for it. However, I will say that despite being a lot smaller than I would have imagined, bigger isn’t always better. The music was awesome; the panels were good; the cosplay events were good and I even did something I’ve been dreaming to do but was too shy to attempt. ^_^ I also made new friends, had fun and enjoyed hanging out with all most of the guests at brunch on Saturday. All and all, this con was like a bed-and-breakfast; small yet memorable with a sort of charm you can’t find anywhere else. Kudos to all the staff (especially those from campus) and a huge thank you to the guests and all the attendees. Mucho kudos to the 20 main people that were there all weekend and hello to the 16 Otaku Passport VIP holders.

As Jan Valentine once said, “Thank you and goodnight!!!!!!”

Well, I know tomorrow is only Thursday but my weekend begins tomorrow afternoon. T-Mode is this weekend and I’m really looking forward to it. My roommate is the cosplay coordinator for T-Mode; yeah, she’s freaking out about it but I’m trying to guide her along though it has been a slow process.

Other than that, I only have to finalize what it is I will be wearing. Friday, for once, I might not cosplay until the Villains Ball but maybe I’ll just run around as a school girl or something. For the ball, I’m doing an original villain character, even though she kind of reminds me of a sorta gothic version of Anthy Himemiya! 0_0 (WOW) Saturday, I’ll probably do Movie Anthy (school uniform) and repeat that Sunday. I’m really looking forward to the panels, the concerts and meeting Johnny Yong Bosch again. ^_^ Hopefully, this will be a good con.

Alright, now with con news out of the way, I can give you the latest updates. I’ve changed the layout and I’m getting ready to change the name of this blog. It’s going to be a massive update when I do it (probably next weekend) but I’m sure it’ll be for the best. Ha! That was a pretty short update ^^; gomen.