Well, at long last (not that I’ve been waiting for it likes some others have), it is nearly time to move back to campus. Everyone seems REALLY relieved that classes are about to start. Summer must of been boring for them. My summer was pretty good, though it got off to a rocky start. I wasn’t able to find a job and that kind of made me feel a little bad… just lounging around. However, I enjoyed it as much as I could since that was probably the last time until I retire that I’ll be able to lounge around during the summer. XD Seriously!

Other than that, I am actually going back to campus this weekend without kicking and screaming. 0_0 That is the shocking part. I guess I’ve adjusted and for once, I know who my roommate is… a good friend! Yay! So, posting my slow down a bit but with all the extra space in between classes, it should pick up again. ^^

That’s all for now.


Listening: Hona Sainara from The Rock Musical Bleach: Live Bankai Show Code 001

Watching: most likely, one of the Bleach Musicals again… -_-;

Drinking: Fruit Punch