Well, summer is slowly winding down to a close but I’ve been having some last minute fun.    While searching for something completely unrelated on You-tube, I stumbled across a clip from one of the Bleach Musicals. Now, I’m not exactly a musical person. I can do “The King and I”, “Phantom of the Opera” and sometimes “Cats” but I took one look at the bleach musical and backed away from my computer. That was 72 hours ago. I have exactly one more musical to watch and I will have seen them all. XD

Actually, the Bleach Rock Musical are pretty good. It’s so much fun to watch and sometimes I even feel compelled to dance and sing along. The costumes are awesomeness, the singing is good and the story is great too. Its something about seeing your favorite characters singing and having fun (along side with the more serious story scenes) that make you love them even more. I’m glad I gave them a chance and watched them all. I’m not sure which one is my favorite yet, though. The first one I saw was “Dark of the Bleeding Moon” so most likely that will be my favorite just because it was first. However  the “Live Bankai Show” is a contender for the no.l 1 spot. Tie any one? Who knows. All I have come away with is a new found fandom for the some of the captains. ^_^

You guys in Japan are so lucky to have something as cool as the Bleach Musicals (and the Sailor Moon musicals too are awesome *.*). Even if we can’t understand Japanese, I say they should do a US tour. I’m sure many Bleach fans would enjoy it. Teehee.