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From Anime with Love…

AH! My dorm room is filled with anime!

And that isn’t a bad thing either. Well, I made it back to campus safely. Immediately, I went about decorating the dorm with my personal touch. Gackt, Hyde, BLEACH, Utena, Vampire Knight… there is a lot of anime stuff here. Luckily, my roommate loves anime too. Well, I still have a whole day to go through before classes start. I’m working on a new story and trying to finish an older one too. Somewhere in there I’ll study… lol.


Back to…??? good question!

Well, at long last (not that I’ve been waiting for it likes some others have), it is nearly time to move back to campus. Everyone seems REALLY relieved that classes are about to start. Summer must of been boring for them. My summer was pretty good, though it got off to a rocky start. I wasn’t able to find a job and that kind of made me feel a little bad… just lounging around. However, I enjoyed it as much as I could since that was probably the last time until I retire that I’ll be able to lounge around during the summer. XD Seriously!

Other than that, I am actually going back to campus this weekend without kicking and screaming. 0_0 That is the shocking part. I guess I’ve adjusted and for once, I know who my roommate is… a good friend! Yay! So, posting my slow down a bit but with all the extra space in between classes, it should pick up again. ^^

That’s all for now.


Listening: Hona Sainara from The Rock Musical Bleach: Live Bankai Show Code 001

Watching: most likely, one of the Bleach Musicals again… -_-;

Drinking: Fruit Punch

Bleach Musicals


Well, summer is slowly winding down to a close but I’ve been having some last minute fun.    While searching for something completely unrelated on You-tube, I stumbled across a clip from one of the Bleach Musicals. Now, I’m not exactly a musical person. I can do “The King and I”, “Phantom of the Opera” and sometimes “Cats” but I took one look at the bleach musical and backed away from my computer. That was 72 hours ago. I have exactly one more musical to watch and I will have seen them all. XD

Actually, the Bleach Rock Musical are pretty good. It’s so much fun to watch and sometimes I even feel compelled to dance and sing along. The costumes are awesomeness, the singing is good and the story is great too. Its something about seeing your favorite characters singing and having fun (along side with the more serious story scenes) that make you love them even more. I’m glad I gave them a chance and watched them all. I’m not sure which one is my favorite yet, though. The first one I saw was “Dark of the Bleeding Moon” so most likely that will be my favorite just because it was first. However  the “Live Bankai Show” is a contender for the no.l 1 spot. Tie any one? Who knows. All I have come away with is a new found fandom for the some of the captains. ^_^

You guys in Japan are so lucky to have something as cool as the Bleach Musicals (and the Sailor Moon musicals too are awesome *.*). Even if we can’t understand Japanese, I say they should do a US tour. I’m sure many Bleach fans would enjoy it. Teehee.

Alright, I’ve really had to think about this one. Next up on my wrap-up of this summer, I’ll be listing the top (hopefully) ten musicians I’ve been listening to this summer. Some are new, some are old and others are just there lol.


  1. Versailles
  2. D
  3. UVERworld
  4. Dong Bang Shin Ki (or Tohoshinki, TVXQ etc. however you know them as ^^)
  5. Miyavi
  6. L’Arc~en~Ciel
  8. -TIE- Namie Amuro & Hitomi Shimatani
  9. Jyongri
  10. Nightmare

Wow. That was such a hard list to compile. But after going through my computer and seeing what songs had the most playing time…. that’s what I came up with. This summer has really been about Versailles, my personal dilemma between Nightmare and UVERworld, D and L’Arc~en~ciel. I think it would be fair to mention that another person in my house has been going through her X-Japan stage and we have listened to a lot of their songs too.

Versailles has been great with their singles and two albums. NOBLE wasn’t quite what I was expecting but it is still a good listen. UVERworld is one of the new artists I’ve tried out this summer. I’m absolutely in love with their music and I’m sorry for ignoring them for so long. Nightmare is also another artist I’ve been trying out and for a while, I was having a hard time choosing between them and UVERworld. That’s been cleared up.

Every summer L’Arc~en~Ciel ends up on the list just because of their SMILE album. It just has a way of sneaking into the car, in the stereo, on the computer and my Zune XD. I’ve also been running their KISS album and DRINK IT DOWN single into the ground. I’ve been hooked on Miyavi since March and have at last caught up on his newer releases. I still have to go back and listen to some of his older stuff though. He was awesome before, he’s still awesome now.

My favorite bands D and Dong Bang Shin Ki never fail to win my musical heart. D went major earlier this year and so far are doing great. I can’t wait to get my hands on their FOLLOW ME Tour DVD. They are set to perform at a music fest? this month and have a new single in the works. Dong Bang Shin Ki or Tohoshinki as they are known in Japan went on a spree with releases earlier in the year and then sort of went silent for a bit (or I lost track of them lol ^^) But they have a new single out now so all is well. I love most of their songs, which have definitely on the love-song side but I’d wish they’d do another single along the lines of PURPLE LINE or the songs they used to produce in Korea. Oh well, so long as they keep singing, I don’t mind all the love. lol

Now for the really difficult part, naming the top ten albums/single + songs of this summer. X_X I have a few ideas but narrowing it down to ten is going to be hard.

I just want to remind everyone that these lists in no way express the views of official polls. These are just my personal lists of my favorite things that I’ve been doing over my summer break. I’d love to hear what everyone else has been watching, reading, playing and listening to this summer as well. I encourage you to leave comments. Alright, time to go have another battle of the musicians!

CR Top Animes of Summer 2008


I promised I’d begin posting all my favorites of this summer so I’ll begin with my favorite anime series. Then I’ll probably follow up with favorite manga, video games, movies (anime and real), music, musicians etc. Should be fun! So, hajimaru!


  1. Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo
  2. Vampire Knight
  3. Junjou Romantica
  4. Bleach
  5. Code Geass
  6. Death Note
  7. Mirage of Blaze
  8. InuYasha
  9. Gravion
  10. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Ta-da! The Count of Monte Cristo tops the list this year as the unexpected BEST SHOW EVER anime of the summer. I first saw The Count at Otakon 2005 and was instantly captivated by its elaborate artwork. However, because I only saw one episode at that time, I had no idea what was going on. Since then, I had tried my hardest to purchase it but alas, other anime series beckoned. Every time I went to Suncoast, I always allowed my hand to linger in front of the boxset but I never brought it. Finally, in June at Anime Mid-Atlantic, I broke down and chose The Count over the second half of the Fushigi Yuugi Series. At first, I thought I had made a mistake but it turned out I didn’t. The art, the story, the voices in both English and Japanese… everything was worth it. I finally got to see it, I finally got rid of that terrible longing in my chest for it and I kept my V for Vendetta fandom alive a little longer (not that it was dying. It’s just that shortly after I got Gankutsuou, HBO started showing V again everyday at lunch time)

So here’s to Gankutsuou, Junjou, Vampire Knight, Bleach and Code Geass; my top 5 animes of the summer!


It’s Update time!

Just a minor update; I added a picture of my new Anthy costume on the Fantasia of the Rose page. I’m also about to change the header image of this main page AGAIN XD

Summer is almost over which means you can expect a post of my TOP favorite otaku-related things of the summer! That’ll be coming up really soon.

On a side note, allow the sports fan in me to have her moment: FOOTBALL SEASON! NFL AND COLLEGE!!! WH00T!!! X3

Ja ne!