Wow. I haven’t updated in a long while. 0_0 It seems writer’s block has affected my blogging too. >< Oh well. I’m just hear to say that AnimeUSA has been secured. Although it got off to a shaky start, this year’s con circuit for me has worked out a lot better than I can imagine and seems it will end with a bang when VERSAILLES comes to AUSA!!! I died when I read that. Literally. My heart has only skipped a beat three times in my life; that time it skipped several. LOL. I’m really excited. Not to mention all the fun I’m going to have at T-Mode in September; I really need to gather my money and wits.

As always, the costumes continue to be the same though I have a super special costume in planning from my new favorite anime series… Gankutsuou! Yes I know…. I’m late but never late than never. It was just fortunate I found the box set since it was a Geneon title. My three quest finally ended and I enjoyed every moment of it. But I digress. The award winning Rose Bride costume returns to AUSA along with the movie version and school uniform. Hopefully I can snag a new wig so I can do the TV version at last (I really don’t want to use the new one I brought for Anime Mid-Atlantic because it looks so nice as it is). Also, I’ll get to see all my friends again and both AUSA and T-Mode have balls this year. My con circuit is going out with a bang this year! WH00T!

I have to update my Utena page with the new pictures and costumes. I know I say this a lot but hopefully now I can update this more often? ^^