Well, I know its Thursday already but I should go ahead and mention the updates for this week and what is coming up for next week.


Finals!!! *dies* That is why I’m a week behind in posting stuff. Luckily, next week is the true finals week. After next Thursday, I’ll be free until September 1st! 0_0 Oh la la.

Site Updates

I changed the image again. Now it’s Hiroki and Tsunehito from D! There is a new page (perhaps section is more like it) dedicated to my Utena cosplays. I plan on making a general cosplay page for all my other costumes too.

Topics of Discussion for the next two weeks

  • Utena the Movie + Saionji x Anthy, why I don’t hate that green-haired bastard XD
  • Review of Junjou Romantica (thus far) and Vampire Knight
  • Review of D’s new Single “Birth”
  • Studio Infinity Sound Stage: Nightmare vs. Uverworld
  • Cosplay Updates
  • Anime Mid-Atlantic


*Happy Birthday to the following characters & beloved mode of transportation:

– Takaba Akihito from Viewfinder (May 5)

– Naoe Nobutsuna/Tachibana Yoshiyuki? from Mirage of Blaze (May 3)

– The Red Comet, a 2002 Ford Escape that a) is red b) was named for the legendary Zeon pilot (May 9)

*Yes, I celebrate a lot of birthdays: characters, celebs, friends, family, inanimate objects XD