Ugh. Finals are coming up so school is starting to kick my but. T_T However, that won’t stop me from my cosplay ventures!!! At long last, I order my new set of wigs! Yay! I ordered a wig for Movie Anthy that I will try my hardest to cut and style those bangs. I also went ahead and got a replacement for regular TV Anthy and will probably use the old wig to put up in that bun/roll. Finally, I also got a new InuYasha/Yazoo wig. When I ordered it, I had a dilemma in my head whether it is possible to use it for both characters. I think it will be. Besides, I just need it as an InuYasha wig for one little photoshoot and then probably it will be my primary Yazoo wig.

Other than the wigs, I’m debating whether to draw or use gems for Movie Rose Bride’s bindi. I like drawing it on but maybe I’ll up the style and find some gems to use. Hmmm. I also need to finish my school shoes. I have the base, but I need to add the the cuffs (the little white part with the gold buttons) to them. That won’t be too hard. Then once that is done and the photoshoot is complete late May/early June, I can spend a few days deciding which version of Anthy I’ll be on what day when I go to Anime Mid-Atlantic. XD I’m so happy, I am slowly starting to realize my dream. This will mark the completion of three more version of Anthy (Movie school uniform, movie rose bride, TV school uniform) in addition to TV/artbook rose bride. After I return from Japan, I’m going to get a Chu Chu. XD