I had an opportunity to watch the new D PV last night thanks to champ213 of taintedworld.net. Note, this is there first PV released since going major. It was wonderful. A lot of fans were worried for group since they decided to go major. However, it seems they were allowed to remain themselves. I’m sooooo relieved. It was a pretty PV; I wish I knew more Japanese so I could at least give you all a general overview of the song but alas…

Despite the language barrier, it was awesome to see lead singer Asagi with his angel wings again (haven’t seen those since Corvinus). My favorite part(s) don’t stem around Asagi for once! *le shock* I loved the shot of Ruiza and Hide-Zou playing their guitars back to back and Tsunehito’s bass solo was amazing. 0_0 Plus everyone (excluding Asagi) got a slightly tweaked hairstyle; they’re really nice. Overall, A+ PV… 10 out of 10

Now, for those of you who don’t know about D yet (shame on you) I’ll explain. D is a Japanese visual kei band who I believe came on the scene in 2003. They’ve been steadily gaining a following though you can still consider them an underground cult classic (excuse the terms seeing as how they have gone major). They had their own magazine called Mad Tea Party but stopped producing it upon going major. The members are:

Vocals: Asagi

Guitar: Hide-zou & Ruiza

Bass: Tsunehito

Drums: Hiroki

There have only been two ex-members, Sin and Rena. Rena left in 2005 and Tsunehito came in December of 2005. Their music is driving; the lyrics poetic and often romantic telling a wonderful gothic story about a vampire. (For more information about the extended story behind the lyrics, visit and join http://community.livejournal.com/blood_relation/ )

My favorite songs are “EDEN”, “Taiyou wo Okuru Hi”, “Gareki no Hana”, “Mayutsuki no Hitsugi”, “Sleep” and my all time favorite (soon to be Utena Movie AMV) “Yami Yori Kurai Doukoku no A Capella to Bara Yori Akai Jounetsu no Aria” (phew. long title, ne?)

If at all interested, check out their albums The Name of the Rose and Tafael Anatomie. Give D a chance and enjoy their new single “Birth” when it is released next month!