So Geneon went under. It seems that cataclysmic event set off a chain-reaction throughout the industry both state side and in Japan. It was dubbed “The Anime Dark Ages” by PiQ Magazine, which painted a dark and bleak future for the anime industry in the coming months. Even I was starting to wonder if it was true. I was running out of new content to watch. However, after a recent splurge at FYE in Washington D.C. I slowly came to realize the Anime Dark Ages might not be so dark after all. We still have ADV, Bandai, AnimeWorks and Funimation after all (I probably forgot a few more). There is still some interesting new stuff on the shelf. My favorites so far are Devil May Cry and Black Blood Brothers. I have yet to get Girl with the Blue Eye and even though they went under, there are still some Geneon titles floating around out there (even if they have become a bit more expensive). To top it all, Funimation seems to be making good on their promise to re-release Yu-Gi-Oh!. The second season box set is now available for purchase on So if you know where to look, you can still find good anime to watch.

Going across the Pacific, it seems the anime industry in Japan is showing signs that it still has what it takes. My new favorite manga Vampire Knight has a 26 episode series that premiered last Tuesday. Everyone’s favorite BLCD Junjou Romantica has also been adapted into a 24 episode series and premiered last Thursday (wait, I guess that means the second episode came on earlier this morning EST since it is now 3:30AM in Japan XD) Plus, this summer, the second OVA of Ikoku Irokoi Romantan by Ayano Yamane will be released. Then there is a bunch of other stuff happening, like people from Cowboy Bebop and DeathNote working on a Pokemon movie?! I skimmed through ANN this morning and saw a blurb about something going down with a Pokemon movie, lol.

It might be the Anime Dark Ages but it isn’t as dark as some people paint it to be. Besides, there’s always manga, VHD and Trinity Blood novels to read X3


Watching: Vampire Knight Episode 2

Listening to: Gareki no Hana by D

Eating: Beef and Broccoli & White Rice + Pizza

Drinking: Chai Tea