Hello everyone! Welcome to the Cloudy Revelations. I am Cloudy Star, known by various names and titles around the net. I’m not quite sure what I will become of this blog; there are so many possibilities. Cosplay, anime and manga reviews, game reviews, general blogging, or all of the above plus some. I guess we’ll just have to discover that together, ne? Hopefully, this will be the last blog I will ever need. For the moment, I’ll leave you with my general information.


Name: D

Aliases: D. Anna Nightrayne, Hasegawa Ayumi or Count D

Birthday: 2月25日

Blood Type: B

Astrological Sign: Pisces (western); Earth Snake (eastern)

Marital Status: Single

Residence: Maryland, United States

Known Languages: English, Japanese, Latin and a sprinkling of Romanian, Chinese, Korean & German

Hobbies: Cosplay, collecting Asian goods, learning languages, writing

Interests: Anime, video games, card games, cosplay, karaoke, languages, Asia, manga, fashion, music, food, sleeping, writing, photography, graphic design, travel, cars, football (American), BLCD, voice actors, art & movies

Dislikes: bugs, math, American politics, intense light, narrow-mindedness

Colors: Black, white, green, purple, blue and red

Education: working on a B.S. in Asian Studies